Mental As Everything

Damon Smith has spent 50,000 hours of his life checking on stoves & involuntarily spinning in circles. Join Damon, along with his nervous cohort, Adam Coad, as they take you on a journey through the obsessive and compulsive mind with hilarious onstage buffoonery & songs about anxiety.


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This show is a healing journey for the performers on stage and for those seated in the audience; an important work for our times.
— Scenestr
With its wonderful balance of music, truth, and a message to share, Mental as Everything is simply necessary viewing.
— Tulpa Magazine
Mental As Everything is fun, powerful and totally immersive. Don’t miss it.
— Stage Whispers


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Damon Smith | Writer & Performer

As a musician and songwriter, Damon invites you to pull up a seat next to him at the bar. There’s a sense of intimacy, a hint of sass, and more than a hint of the real man behind his songs. Smith is an independent artist in the literal. He’s the man in the drivers seat, from composition to production. With a desire for moving through many forms of creative manipulation, Damon is known to some as a songwriter, a videographer, lyricist, producer, singer, performer and teacher. After co-writing the critically acclaimed and publicly appreciated cabaret show, Sun Rising - The Songs That Made Memphis, (that continues to sell out around Australia), Damon wrote and performed his second cabaret show pertaining to mental illness. Honesty is the number one ingredient in any of Damon’s works. He has the ability to take his audience on a journey that is sometimes hilarious and often thought provoking and always entertaining. Damon has performed at theatres across Australia, performed his own music around the world, written countless jingles, songs and compositions and has appeared as a session player on numerous recordings since moving to Melbourne from Perth in 2004.

Adam Coad | Performer

Adam Coad is a funky little music man based in Melbourne's inner west. You can catch him running furiously in the hamster wheel of the Melbourne music scene playing and recording in various groups such as The Quality Lightweights, LAA, Sun Rising, J-Azmaris, Dan Lethbridge and The Every Men. Adam's eclectic musical sound includes Contemporary Jazz, Ethiopian Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, Folk, Alternative Country, Alternative Rock, Soul and Funk. Snowy Buskins is Adam's original project and the first album, released January 2016 album brings together Adam's eclectic journey through music thus far. With influences from alternative rock, funk and soul, Afro beat, folk and jazz, Snowy Buskins is a mixed bag of musical goodness. dam is also a professional music teacher, teaching in primary and secondary schools ross Melbourne. He also takes private lessons in his home studio. When he's not creating sweet tunes or mentoring the next generation of passionate musicians you can find Adam hanging on the swings at the park with his daughter Tessa or working on his mad curry making skills.